A platform for safety and autonomy. Built from the chip-level up.

Big technology. Bigger impact. Small box.

1st to enable high speed highway autonomy and pioneer roofline integration for optimal performance

Scalable Architecture


The most sensitive, highest dynamic range InGaAs detector in the world when paired with our receiver ASIC


Single 1550nm fiber laser that enables long ranges with 1,000,000x pulse energy of 905nm while staying eye-safe

Scalable Architecture


2 axis scanning mirrors with 120° x 28° FoV, scans only the laser rather than spinning the whole lidar device

Processing Electronics

An In-house custom mixed signal ASIC with better performance for significantly less cost than complex ADC chips

Scalable Architecture

Designed to scale.

Iris and Iris+ are designed for auto-grade, high-volume manufacturability

Key Specs

120° horizontal field of view

Key Specs

Up to 28 degree dynamic vertical field of view, software configurable

Key Specs

Horizon control and blockage detection

Key Specs

Adaptive scan patterns

Change from uniform to gaussian scan patterns with software

Key Specs

Detecting dark objects at night up to 300m away

Key Specs

Up to 300 points per square degree

Key Specs

Iris and Iris+ are the standard for performance and safety in the industry


What it understands.

We reliably see where objects are, and what they are — even at long distances. Farther sight means enough time to move safely, even at highway speeds.


Ongoing updates to software and HD mapping.

Underlying safe and autonomous driving are continuously updating HD maps.

A full-stack platform for safety & autonomy

Sentinel™ features Luminar’s lidar, perception software, HD mapping technology, as well as control and planning software that enables Proactive Safety™ and highway autonomy.

Built to work together.

Leveraging scale of passenger vehicles

A growing ecosystem of Luminar-equipped vehicles on the road enables data collected on real miles driven, which feeds an ever-growing data lake for enhanced HD maps and globally enhances the vehicle's performance.

Flexibility and scalability for automakers

As a platform, Sentinel offers the key pieces to Luminar partners to meet their safety and autonomy needs with the ability to tie into any part of their technology stack or other key partners. From NVIDIA, to Mobileye and Qualcomm, Luminar’s system is the only solution that spans the entire industry.

Accelerating time-to-market for automakers

The industry is rapidly transitioning from an era of horsepower to brainpower. Speed to market is everything and Luminar is the industry’s trusted partner to make it happen.


Proactive Safety and Autonomy

Luminar's technology unlocks a step-change improvement in vehicle safety making ADAS systems more accurate and reliable, while also paving the way for highway autonomy.