We take the guesswork out of autonomy.

As the 'gold standard' for performance and safety in the industry, our sensors are designed to reliably see not just where objects are, but what they are — even at distance.

Longer range Perception

Our technology enables both detection and classification of objects out to 250 meters, including hard to see "dark" objects as low as 5% reflectivity like a black car or tire in the road. Farther sight means enough time to react safely, even at highway speeds.

Longer range graph
Classification distance and time ahead for of 5-10% reflective objects, at 75 mph.

Meet Hydra: A Platform for Autonomy

Luminar LiDAR

Hydra is the industry's most advanced LiDAR perception engine that safely enables driver-out-of-the-loop highway autonomy.

500m Max Range

250m at <10% Reflectivity

Camera-Like Resolution

Max 800 px/Deg2

120° Field of View

30° Dynamic Vertical Resolution

High Data Fidelity

< 1cm Range Precision
High-precision Reflectance

Detection & Tracking

Road & Drivable Free Space: 80m
Lane Markings: 150m
Objects & Vehicle: 250m


Dust & Water Ingress: IP67
Vibration: SAE J1211
Shock: IEC 60068-2-27 to 20g

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Luminar LiDAR Model H
Luminar Iris

Meet Iris: For Production Vehicles

Luminar LiDAR Model Iris

All the same core Luminar technology and performance in an efficient auto-grade, low cost package for series production programs beginning SOP 2022.

Automotive Grade

Same Performance & Architecture


Highly cost efficient

Seamless Integration

For all levels of Autonomy

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An architecture for scalability.

Creating a high performance LiDAR was just half the battle. It needs to be readily available to meet demand. It’s why we designed our sensor specifically for high-volume manufacturability.
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