Safety comes first. True autonomy is next.

Proactive Safety™

Evolving the way cars think and act.

Proactive Safety™ enabled by Luminar's lidar is the backseat driver you actually want. It steps in when a driver does not engage during a safety situation.

Extra help at the wheel.

Reliability in less-than-ideal conditions.

Unlike cameras and radar, Luminar's lidar provides precise three dimensional sight in all lighting conditions, including blinding light and at night.

Advanced safety at low and high speeds.

There are situations where a driver is unable to react in time, from braking when something runs in front of the car to pulling over on the highway during a health emergency. Luminar's technology enables a vehicle to step-in and engage confidently and safely.

Stay Centered for the Long Road Ahead

Luminar's lidar provides accurate understanding of the environment enabling a vehicle to gently remind you to wait before changing lanes or sound the alarm if you've drifted too close towards the shoulder on a late night drive.

Highway Autonomy

With true safety comes full comfort.

Luminar's lidar is key to powering hands-off and eyes-off highway autonomy, so you can relax into the ride.

Relax into the ride. We’ll watch the road.

Take back your time

True hands-off and eyes-off highway autonomy enabled by Luminar means you can take back your time on long commutes or road trips. So you can focus on more than just the road.

Engage with ease

Luminar's lidar provides long-range sight, which means more time for a vehicle to respond at higher speeds. This results in confident, smooth maneuvers and plenty of time to take over the wheel when you're ready to get off the highway.

Our Technology

We’re ready to roll out.

We’re at the start of a new era. One where cars anticipate the road ahead rather than react to it.



Luminar's Iris lidar, built from the chip-up, is a high performance, long-range sensor that unlocks safety and autonomy for cars, commercial trucks and more.

Full Stack Solution


Accelerating time to market for automakers, Sentinel™ features Luminar’s lidar, perception software, HD mapping technology, as well as control and planning software that enables Proactive Safety™ and highway autonomy.