About Us

A Revolution for the Road Ahead

Luminar is poised to be the first automotive technology company to enable next-generation safety and autonomous capabilities for consumer cars, commercial trucks and more.

Unequivocal Core Technology.

Founded in 2012 by CEO and Founder Austin Russell, Luminar built a new type of lidar from the chip-level up. As a result, we have created a lidar sensor that unlocks advanced safety and autonomy for automakers. Our core technology is what separates us from the rest of the field. Simply put, we deliver and we won’t relent to reach our mission.

Our Vision

Saving 100 million lives and 100 trillion hours

Luminar is motivated by a unifying, world-changing purpose: save 100 million lives and 100 trillion hours over the next 100 years.

Democratizing Safety

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are a step in the right direction, but today’s systems are imperfect and unreliable.

Luminar's technology provides higher-confidence detection, faster and farther than traditional ADAS, enabling proactive collision avoidance at low and high speeds. This unlocks the potential to make consumer vehicles uncrashable, helping drivers today and paving the way for safe autonomy.

Nasdaq Listed

Luminar has more major customer wins than all other lidar companies combined, addressing a massive and growing technology market for next-generation vehicle safety and autonomy.