We take the guesswork out of autonomy.

We measure millions of points per second, and put that resolution where it matters most. This allows our sensors to see not just where objects are, but what they are — even at distance.

10x more range*

50x more resolution*

*Compared to the most advanced LiDAR sensors deployed in vehicles today

Longer range.

Our system can “see” farther than 200 meters at less than 10% reflectivity. Today’s technologies can only see 30-40 meters out at 10%. Farther sight means more than enough time to react safely, now at highway speeds.

Increase in reaction time and distance at 75 mph

At scale.

An architecture for scalability.

Creating a high performance LiDAR was just half the battle. It needs to be readily available to meet demand. It’s why we designed our sensor specifically for high-volume manufacturability.

The Receiver

The most sensitive, highest dynamic range InGaAs receiver in the world when paired with our ASIC.

The Scanner

Highly manufacturable custom scanner enables unprecedented speed, reliability, and real-time configurable scan patterns.